Patterned Visual Precast Concrete Roman Stelae Pole in a green UK landscape

Roman Stelae

About project Period: 2021 Client: Bellway Homes Project: Roman Road Stelae Pillars, Derbyshire, UK. To commemorate a Roman Road the artist Stuart Mugridge was commissioned to design a suitable and durable pieces to indicate the line of the road and its history. In Roman times, stelae were occasionally used as boundary markers to mark borders…

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Museum of the Home

The Museum of the Home, formerly the Geffrye Museum, was being renovated and extended. Many of the floors were being cast with poured concrete to give a clean durable surface, with precast stairs, counters and copings to match.

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The Green Room, Shoreditch

The Green Room, Shoreditch Innovative Precast Solution to illustrate the original Shakespeare Theatre in London. The original theatre was founded in Shoreditch, just outside the boundary of London city in 1576, staging plays such as Romeo & Juliet. A visitor centre and exhibition space has been built to celebrate and communicate this significant piece of…

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