About project

Period: 2020/21

Client: Quinn London

Project: Museum of the Home, Hoxton, London

The Museum of the Home, formerly the Geffrye Museum, was being renovated and extended. Many of the floors were being cast with poured concrete to give a clean durable surface, with precast stairs, counters and copings to match.


To prototype and sample mix designs and finishes to match the poured concrete floors. Manufacture and instal over 300 individual pieces of visual precast concrete. As the project was the renovation of a historic building, access and lifting options were limited and to be designed around.


A high quality consistent range of steps, treads, risers, reception desk counter, benches and coping manufactured using a mix design match, stored off-site due to lack of on-site storage and sets delivered just-in-time as required by installers.


All pieces in the project were finished with a salt & pepper polished surface. All treads cast with parallel grooves for brass grip strip inserts. Post production channels created on the underside of the reception desk for LED lighting strips.