3D Visualisation & Communication

A critical aspect of Visual & Graphic Concrete is coordinating the aesthetic and structural requirements in unison. Our design and account management team are experienced in these areas, having the ability to discuss the creative vision set out by the architect and client, while also understanding the technical demands and processes of how it is made and installed.

This dual understanding is a core skill at Vico, and is used to communicate the pros and cons of style and function to all involved through clear discussion and specification documents.


CAD drawings or BIM models may not show gap or grout lines to what is achievable or at all, having clear 3D visuals of what is designed can quickly highlight issues that effect manufacture and installation.

Vico provide 3D visualisation of what is to be manufactured for clear communication of what is being discussed and expected. These visuals enable all stakeholders to understand the manufactured design options, stages of assembly and installation, split lines, finishes etc. Using visual communication offers confidence in the final deliverables, reducing the potential for error and aligning expectations.

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