The science is clear, climate change is real, happening now and requires all of us to do as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, as soon as possible. As standard, we will start by specifying 50% cement replacement such as GGBS or Fly ash, increasing to higher amounts if the products end use and exposure class allows. Colour matching is tweaked using small amounts of pigments to balance the lighter or darker colour of GGBS & Fly Ash respectively.

We will always consider the production facility to use based on their quality and capability, as well as environmental credentials, sustainable materials sources and staff welfare.

Concrete is an incredibly durable material ideal for hard wearing environments and high structural demands. With this in mind, we design out concrete mass where possible to reduce weight and material usage. Options on cladding, GRC panels, topping slabs and face mixes will be considered. The last point on using specialist materials that need to be imported from overseas is a case in point, if only for aesthetic appearance, a face mix with a structural mix behind using locally sourced aggregates can be specified.

A Circular Economy approach on reducing the impact of the source materials, maximising value during its lifespan, and once at the end of its lifecycle, concrete can be crushed and used as in an aggregate. The level will depend on the source of the recycled aggregate and the intended use and required strength of the new concrete.


Carbon Neutral with Carbon Offset

It is not possible to produce carbon free concrete, though the level of CO2 can be dramatically reduced with the above methods, less and cleaner transport, lean design to reduce volume of concrete required and minimal wastage. The remaining emissions can be made neutral through Carbon Offset.

As part of the design calculations, the Carbon value of the project will be produced for discussion, and for all efforts to be made to reduce this further. With the remaining value given a cost for offsetting, covered in our costs or rolled into the project’s offset program.

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