Sampling & Prototypes

Realising a design into reality can be difficult at the best of times, more so when multiple concrete elements need to be coordinated as with poured floors, precast steps, GRC wall panels and feature items. How are these to be made, let alone getting finishes to match through these different production processes is a challenge Vico is experienced in solving.


Our comprehensive set of resources at our workshop and through partner specialist facilities include CAD design, engineering, 3D printing, CNC machining, milling, sandblasting, mould making and surface finishing. Along with conventional workshop tools, this allows us to create a wide range of prototypes in a variety of mix designs, casting methods and visual & graphic details.


Knowledge is paramount in pushing the boundaries of skill and achievement; having the confidence to know what is achievable at an early stage reduces risk and raises the potential.


Our focus is using the knowledge to hand, and with what is not known, find fast and efficiently through rapid prototyping and sampling.


A section of profile or detail is extracted from a design, converted to the appropriate 2D or 3D file type, CNC’d or 3D printed, then cast is a variety of mixes, cured and finished. These tangible finished pieces laid out at your meeting gives everyone involved full clarity on what is being proposed, and achievable. This assists in teasing out problems as well as freeing up budget to realise the vision.


As we can coordinate samples and prototypes of a range of production methods in-house, we know the manufacturers that can produce on a large scale to match. This is especially important when two or more methods coming from different suppliers need to be coordinated. The samples are made for discussion and developed for approval, then a clear specification can be sent out to multiple manufactures for each method.


Key features

  • Knowledge base for discussion and design assessment
  • Rapid prototyping and sampling
  • CAD Design, BIM and 3D modelling & visualisation
  • Range of production methods to coordinate consistency across project areas.
  • Dozens of UK and Irish aggregates to choose from
  • Visual and Graphic surface effect solutions from salt & pepper to photographic images
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