About project

Period: Summer 2019

Client: National Trust

Project: Anglo Saxon King’s burial chamber

The central area of the main exhibition hall brings the attention of visitors to the artefacts of the Anglo Saxon King and how they would have looked like in their original condition in the King’s burial chamber. The graphic floor measuring 6.6 x 3.8m is an accurate, to scale graphical representation of how the burial ship would have been laid out in 625AD.


To create an accurate and durable visual representation of the burial layout that visitors could walk on as well as feel.


A stunning 60 tile visual precast floor, cast with black basalt onto graphic concrete membranes to create the clean pattern imprint by etching the fair face with printed retarder.

The tactile nature of the visual precast brings an extra aspect to the sensory experience of the visitor to the hall. As cast in concrete the tiles are extremely durable to high volumes of visitors footfall and regular cleaning.


The illustration was created based on archaeological surveys and drawings, then prepared for print and sub divided into the 60 panels, less grout lines. The panels are cast individually with the graphic concrete paper laid into the mould base and basalt concrete mix pour cast on top. The burial chamber layout design was printed onto the membrane paper with a patented retarder, giving sharp lines and text.

The panels where set flush into the floor allowing all visitors to walk straight on to the area, feel the surface and walk about to understand the 1 to 1 scale of the burial chamber.